Friday, May 4, 2012


assalamualaikum. to all . have a nice Friday.

i'm just blog walking on my friend's blog. and i found this,

Perlukah engkau mencari seorang lelaki atau perempuan bukan  mahram/ajnabi untuk mengisi kekosongan jiwamu?

Perlukah engkau mencurahkan isi hatimu kepada mereka?
Perlukah engkau bermanis lidah dan melembutkan suaramu dengan mereka?
Perlukah engkau melekapkan telingamu dengan handphone berjam-jam lamanya hanya untuk mengadu rasa?
Perlukah engkau dedahkan aibmu dengan mereka yang tidak mempunyai kaitan denganmu?

she was just right. nothing wrong with her statement indeed  having a illegal relationship is a sin. 
and yesterday, my friend did asking me, 

"should i do istikharah to ensure my relation with him?"
"yes, you should my dear. do it before it's too late. people might says that it is too early for us (student) to perform istikharah , but it is not harm done for us to find the answer for questions. plus, after you get the answer from Allah, there'll be no worries. and, don't be afraid if you wanna leave him for a while till the real time is coming. "

this is my personal opinion, other might have different thought as different people have different  thought. 
as for me, it's better  to ask HIM what is really  meant for us when we already 'taken' by somebody. because, what for we're wasting loving wholeheartedly someone who are not our jodoh. 

till then, nni. 

notabutterfly: this is a reminder for my self and all beloved fellow. let's be a good muslimah in this world and hereafter. insyallah..ameen.. 

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