Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIA lebih tahu isi hati

assalamualaikum. to all. have a very fine and nice day.

people can change if they are given a chance

dan Allah sedang beri aku peluang untuk aku lakukan perubahan dalam diri 
mungkin itu juga satu ujian Ilahi kepada aku, hambaNYA yang sering lalai 

one of my good friend said,
bila hati ini terasa untuk berubah, maka teruskanlah, kerana takut-takut rasa itu hanya datang sekali. 

DIA sering berikan peluang kedua kepada hambaNYA.
dan aku percaya kadangkala, peluang kedua itu lebih baik dari yang pertama. 
maka, jangan sia-siakan peluang diberikan oleh Allah. 
yang penting, jangan pernah berputus asa 
ianya satu ujian Ilahi untuk menguji kesabaran dan keimanan hamba-hambaNYA. 

notabutterfly: watched Jujur Aku Dayus 

Friday, February 17, 2012

tranformasi diri...

assalamualaikum .to all.

one of my good friend told me,
'bila datang rasa ingin lakukan perubahan dalam diri ke arah yang lebih baik,
 maka teruskanlah walaupun satu perubahan yang kecil."
and, i started to thinking whether i am ready to do the transformation of myself. 
am i ready enough?
yes i am. 
but still,
i have to slowly make a move. 
a drastic changes sometimes will be worst. 

ya allah, guide me, help me and bless me in my way of changing my self to be a better person. 
i did so much mistakes in my life. 
but, please do not make my mistakes as a barrier for you to give me your guidance and bless. 

notabutterfly: mistakes is not an art. but still it has its own value whereby its may give a person such a valuable experience to us. so, don't afraid to make a mistake in order to learn something in life. (measwell,2012)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

alhamdulillah..DIA sayangkan aku.

assalamualaikum.. to all..

how's your day? beautiful isn't it? i wish my day is heavenly beautiful. aminn.. 

look  the title. guess whom still loving me.?
 and i am totally sure HE loves you guys too. 
So, who is HE? 
HE is our Almighty ALLAH. 


sometimes, we did something without realizing it is wrong and totally unrealized. 
do it happen to you?
YES, i do. 
and Allah had sent people to correct my mistakes. 

sometimes people doesn't like be corrected by others. 
but, i do love people who is critizing and reminding me about the mistakes that i have done. 
because, they such realizing me that i should not do this and that. 
we know ourselves. 
but people see what is wrong about ourselves. 
so, do accept others' word. 
 one of my good friend said, 
"Allah loves you, that's why people said so"

ya allah, i'm not a good servant. 
but, i'm on my way to be good and better servant of ISLAM. 

notabutterfly:  2 teguran yang menyedarkan kekhilafan diri. terima kasih untuk teguran itu. alhamdulillah.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

azura is not only a typical malay movie :)

assalamualaikum  to all :)

Saturday is the best day to spend a day together with our beloved. and today, i choose to spend my day with my lovely cousin Chacha. we shared a lot of stories together and we have planned something for our future. as we all know, we plan what we want to achieve in our life time, but Allah the only one can make it true.
The best in this outing was, we watched a malay movie of Azura which was directed by Aziz M.Osman and her own wife Lily as the producer.
This watching time wasn't in my list-to-do at first, but suddenly, we felt wanna watch a movie and Azura was the lucky movie for today. 
Talking about Azura,  its all about L.O.V.E, but, there are things behind this love story. 
While watching this movie, my mind kept thinking about the meaning behind the all the scenes in this movie. 
this movie is not only a typical malay movie that always show the ordinary story line. this movie is different and it shows to me how extraordinary it is. 
maybe there are people will silly look towards my comment, but this is what i see from this malay movie. 
first, i was somehow argued w some people about early age marriage. there is a question mark why people especially family, somehow doesn't agree when a teenager asks permission for marry her/his partner. this is what was happened in my family before i found the rational answer. and i got an answer from this movie. wanna know the reason of WHY? 
because, marriage is not an easy thing like we learn ABC or 123 or like we play a game such crossword puzzle. marriage is about to share every single thing in our life with our spouse. sharing means we do everything together and we share the easiness and the difficulties together.
but, when it happens oppositely, the marriage will face a problem even just a silly problem. 
  when talking about early age marriage, i am focusing on 2 in 1 couple who are marry and study at the same time. they are killing two birds in one shot. why i said so? because, they do 2 BIG things in life in 1 SHORT time. how incredible they are, isn't it? 
do they realize that the marriage phase is not an easy to go through? especially when they are still early in studies. don't they feel like to achieve their vision and ambition before they step into the next phase of their life? 
i got the answers for all the questions . 
and this is what i got. 
life is about something to be experienced, to be learned, to be explored. 
and i see there are things that will be a barrier to achieve certain things in life. especially in achieving our ambition and our desire.
people may say this, married person can still can achieve their ambition and desire. 
but, they don't see that marriage still build a block between. 
lets see a dialogue from this film,
"sanggup kau ketepikan cita-cita kau demi seorang suami?sedangkan kau punya masa depan yang cerah? "
2 difficult decisions to be made , only one can be chose. 
marriage OR future.

and my answer is, my FUTURE is in my hand. so, i would like to fulfill all my wish list first and marriage will come after. because, today is not the same as the back time. 
but, if Allah says, my time is coming in this few more years before i finish my study,
 i'm nobody to say NO. i juz follow what HE had decided for my life time. 
i wish to get the best from HIM. amenn.. 

*this is my personal opinion. i write what i think. any comment? please do write below :)

notabutterfly: i'm planning my future life :)