Tuesday, May 22, 2012

counting. things to be happened.

assalamualaikum. to all readers.

already 1:35a.m. tapi masih berjaga disebabkan 'tertidur' after maghrib. and 'terminum' pulak old town white coffee hazelnut yang menggoda tu. so, ended up dengan stay up. 

last time, i was thinking to make a few changes in my wishlist. and i did. the changes have been made after i had rationalized why i have to do so and so. however, those latest wishlist are safely keep in my own 'memory card' and those 7 wishes will remain there ----> on the right side. and will always add up by time to time. 

5 more days to go. 
1 2 3 4 5

seriously, cuak sebab nak turn to 20. i have things to be changed by the time i turn to 20. few people might claim the changes as 'gila' or 'insane'. but, no matter what,  it'll happen.  may Allah ease everything. ameen..

notabutterfly: you'll never expect the decision. 

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