Saturday, September 24, 2011

raya @ipg kampus perempuan melayu melaka

assalamualaikum to all

syawal nak sampai ke penghujungnya.. this is the last weekend for syawal. and probably there're many houses going to be opened..hahaha.. and today i'm going to go a few more houses with my lovely sisters.. but then, this entry is going to story morry bout our aidilfitri celebration that was held yesterday. before the celebration, we had a few more agenda on the day such as monthly assembly, majlis punah bakti(persaraan lecturer), hari kualiti and celebration hari raya..

and one thing yang aku perasan hari ni tersangatlah ramai yang dressup in green... let's take a look..

1. mr.marzuki * ketua jabatan bahasa

2. mdm iswander kaur *social studies lecturer

3. my self..hehehe

4. and my lovely and sweet classmates

5. oppss.. here is adila fazleen

orait then, no word to say. just pictures can tell the story of us.. enjoy the pictures..

               .polka dots.
         .me and ash.
                    .with our mum,mdm mastura.

that's all for this entry.. thanks for reading..

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