Tuesday, May 1, 2012

delete is equal to forget

assalamualaikum to all..

MAY is coming!!!!! see how time is running sooooo fast.. 
alamaakkkk.. 26 days more.. i'm going to 

and my exam is just around the corner.. 12 days more to go and i'm still here. huh... 
bila nak wake up nih. haisshh..

 btw, just wanna say that i already deleted few entries which i felt negative and 
remove those who are not invited in my life.

why? it is easy to say that delete mean to forget. bila rasa marah kita rasa nak luahkan tapi bila rasa marah dah hilang ofcoz la kena delete entry tu :) 
sebab takut2 nanti bila terbaca semula entry tu rasa marah tu datang semula.. hehehe.. 
logik tak? 
and about removing 'friend' is just like this.
 i just don't know you and i'm not interested to know you. 
i love to make friend. but it is not you 
peace :)   

till then. with love, nni

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