Saturday, October 29, 2011

confius seketika..

assalamualaikum.. to all

tomorrow i have to attend a wedding ceremony. this is paksa-rela by my parents. to replace their attendance. as usual, bcoz this is paksa-rela thing so i plan to wear as simple as i can. so the perfect outfit is baju kurung. hurm.. but, my parents really care on my outfit. "you should wear this." "no,you shouldn't wear this". "this look better".. owh.. as if i wanna see husband-to-be or in-law to be...

whatever it is, i enjoy it. hahaha????

p/s: temporarily close. will open it as soon as the time is come.


entry finale bout the past. and after this no more entry bout the useless thing which i consider the thing as a man.. hahaha..

me myself, will never post any entry bout the thing anymore. because, past is past. and i'll never let the past touch my future, even my present.. i wanna live my life without the thing. i don't want to waste my time and also hurt my own feeling with the thing. so, from now onward, i'll never let the thing to appear in my entry. because i love my self more than everything.

i might let you touch my past till you tended to ruined it, and you screwed my present with those bitter memory. but, don't ever dare to come into my future even only a step.
one step you try to move, the hatred will ruin yours.....forever.

okay. i have done. ..

p/s: tomorrow.

i forgot my own words!

assalamualaikum. and a very good day to all

i forgot my own words!!!!!
after read all my notes in miss pinky, suddenly, i realized that i have made a mistake by let the hatred conquered my heart. that's why till now i still could not forget bout the past. even i have tried so many times. and now, after all, i should let the past to go with all the hatred. what i want now is a new life without the past..

u might have ruined my past, screwed up my present.
but i won't let you touch my future....

to somebody: i'll never forget what u have done. those memory will never let you to come into my life again.....just continue with your own games...ans we'll see how it'll last longer...

p/s: don't simply believe someone.. L.O.V.E =BLIND

Thursday, October 27, 2011

penat mencari. i should stop it.

assalamualaikum.. nite or morning?? u decide.

apa la yang aku cari sampai penat tu ye?? haha.. cari email somebody. dah macam2 tempat aku try cari. but then, i found no where. haha. nak give up??? ofcoz la tak. tapi terfikir. maybe ALLAH tak buka jalan untuk aku jumpa email tu. hurm.. i believe HIM more. so i decided to STOP.

p/s: thanks my lovely smile. you save me once again.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

sebentar bersama.........


tengah leka2 scroll down FB tiba2 terperasan 1 video of wardina safiyya. nak upload tapi macam lambat loading. so, let's click on this video.

you all dah tgk? so, how? hurmm.. terkedu time review video ni.

she said the truth. why should we compromise with a man who does not perform his solat 5 time a day? no matter how and what. he should not simply leave solat behind.


credit to Wardina Safiyya for this input.

p/s: thank you ALLAH.

this is me!

assalamualaikum.. and have a nice day all

pernah tengok movie camprock? cerita lama tapi aku baru je tertengok last week.. dah lama terperap dalam miss lappy. dah berhabuk siap dengan sarang labah2.. haha.. tertengok pun sebab keboringan di tahap yang melampau.. alasan semata-mata.. i got something from this movie. meanings that it's not a waste when i watched this movie. wanna know what i've got from it?

  1. JUST BE YOURSELF. DON'T PRETEND TO BE OTHERS BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW YOURSELF IS BETTER THAN THEMSELVES. i learnt that no matter who we are, just be ourselves. no harm done if we are not pretty, rich or else we are not excellent enough. just be ourselves. because, the best and successful person is the one who has pretty brain, rich heart and excellent behavior. honesty is the main point to be successful.
  4. and i love this song too.

I've always been the kind of girl

That hid my face

So afraid to tell the world

What I've got to say

But I have this dream

Right inside of me

I'm gonna let it show, it's time

To let you know

To let you know

This is real, this is me

I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, now

Gonna let the light, shine on me

Now I've found, who I am

There's no way to hold it in

No more hiding who I want to be

This is me

Do you know what it's like

To feel so in the dark

To dream about a life

Where you're the shining star

Even though it seems

Like it's too far away

I have to believe in myself

It's the only way

This is real, This is me

I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, now

Gonna let the light, shine on me

Now I've found, who I am

There's no way to hold it in

No more hiding who I want to be

This is me

You're the voice I hear inside my head

The reason that I'm singing

I need to find you, I gotta find you

You're the missing piece I need

The song inside of me

I need to find you, I gotta find you

This is real, this is me

I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, now

Gonna let the light, shine on me

Now I've found, who I am

There's no way to hold it in

No more hiding who I want to be

This is me

You're the missing piece I need

The song inside of me (this is me)

You're the voice I hear inside my head

The reason that I'm singing

Now I've found, who I am

There's no way to hold it in

No more hiding who I want to be

This is me

p/s: regret. no more hiding who i want to be.

Thursday, October 20, 2011



to my dearest sister, thanks for understanding me very well. i know i'm not suppose to do it. but, how do i say... i blindly love somebody who was not loving me. whatever it is, just let him to do what ever he wants in life. i no longer feel anything to him. ......let bygone be bygone.. alhamdulillah, allah shows me right path to go through.

p/s: blind heart.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

miss you

assalamualaikum..entry pendek. just wanna express my feeling.. hah. this is one of the way to express our feeling okay.. siap boleh letak pict. *muet fever.

this is my sweetheart.
geram sampai rasa nak gigiit2.
see you this friday ya.. get ready with your pipi+rambut okay...

ni pun my sweetheart jugak..
tak sabar nak borak dgn dia. mesti malu2 kucing kan...
hahahaha.. dlm phone bukan main lagi nak cakap.. just wait n see dah jumpa ckp ke tak..

and this is my sweeties.
tak sabar nak jumpa n listen to you membebel just like me...

p/s: waiting for your decision dear.

MUET fever!

assalamualaikum and a very pleasant day i bid to examiners and fellow candidates. today we will talk about what is the best way to express one' feeling. and my opinion, i think the best way to express our feeling is by face-to-face lah namanya demam MUET.. hahaha... tak pasal2 dah melalut sampai ke paris i'm in love..

back to our topic.. setiap kali nak exam jek confirm lah mood nak makan tu terbang melayang-layang tak tau la gi mana..yang boleh telan roti n buah. nasi???? takde selera.. ni semua gara-gara mr.MUET.

alhamdulillah. today, i done with my dearest mr.speaking. and mrs.reading, miss listening and mr.writing will coming soon on 19 Nov. please be goo to me ya.. i 'll love you more.. haha..

speaking test.. i'm not good enough in speaking. but , i don't think that I've done a lot to improve and cope with the language.

the speaking test was held at anjung hikmah at 7.30am because i'm candidate for the 1st session. i'm candidate A in my group. seriously, i felt nervous. everybody felt the same. not only we felt the butterfly in my stomach. but, one of us(miss diela) felt the frog in her stomach.. hahahah.. but to cope with tht, my mom and aunt told me to recite surah AL-INSYIRAH to overcome the nervous.

i got a question on 'what way to express one's feeling' and as Candidate A, i have to elaborate on FACE-TO-FACE COMMUNICATION.

seems like the question is easy. but no one knows about the marks given.. so, as i have did my best, let allah do the rest.

to all my friends, wish you the best of luck. may allah listens to our heart. aminn....

p/s: counting the days.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

you're so fussy...

assalamualaikum.. and morning glory u'olls..

you all rse siapa yg fussy tu?? haha.. ofcoz la myself.. this statement was made by my dearly friend, miss fateyn. seriously, b4 this mcm tak nak mengaku dat i'm fussy. but then, smlm pegi cari kasut, and i took almost half an hour kat 1 kedai. hahaha...mcm2 kasut try..ade je yg tak okay.. padahal okay jek.. and time tu laa miss fateyn ni keluarkan statement 'you're so fussy'..hahaha..fateyn cari kasut pun just a few minutes dah satisfied tp aku.....maka terpaksa la mengaku I'M FUSSY..not only kasut.. but EVERYTHING.. tq.

p/s: CR2

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

untuk kali ke berapa?


should i cry for the third time after the first and the second time?
every time i think bout i, my tears could not stop dropping.
was it my fault?
why i have to face those thing?
does HE warns me about something?
or i had done something which is consider as wrong but i never realize it?
am i the one who is offender?
ya allah, give me the strength to face all these thing?
show me the right path to go through.

p/s: tears keep dropping.

Monday, October 10, 2011


entry tak bertajuk.

aku cuba menulis.
untuk ape?
kepuasan diri?
untuk merungkai persoalan?

p/s: i'm trying to write

Sunday, October 9, 2011

simply judge a person.


pernah dengar quote ni DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER x? confirm la u all pernah dengar or terbaca or ternampak or terperasan.. quote ni sangat sinonim dengar daily life. in these few days, a lot of things happened to me especially yesterday.

first thing happened. bout a man who tried to approach me. but simply judge me and he said that i have disappointed him because i'm not what he was expected... helllooo..kenal pun tak tibe2 je nk ckp aku kecewakan kau.. kelakar sey. first time nampak aku, dia tgk aku ni mcm sweet2 jek.. lemah lembut, periang n so on. tp bila texting and calling, dia rasa aku tak sama dengan apa yg dia nampak.. dia rasa aku ni sombong, tak ikhlas nak kenal dengan dia. then, yg paling kelakar, dia rasa aku ni kasar.. hahaha....senang kan dia judge aku.. aku ni sombong ke? kasar? hahaha..tak kan la aku nak show off yg aku ni lemah lembut.. hahaha..itu geli okay.. kau tu dah la lelaki..pastu nak expect perempuan yg baru kau kenal tak sampai sehari nak texting kau macam dah lama kenal... hahaha...i'm not that kind. then, yang paling tak boleh bla, dia bgtau 'stop texting me'. kau ingat kau HOT sangat ke????? patutlah kau......oopppsss.. isu sensitif.. tak boleh sambung ayat...hahaha..
disebabkan aku layan dia macam tu, dengan senang- lenang nye judge students ipg ni egois, kasar, tak menghargai perasaan orang lain, and menghampakan hati orang. annoying kan?

to that MAN. ur judgement towards me are absolutely wrong. you never know me. u don't have the right to judge me in that way. you deserve to be ..................

p/s: it's not a waste to lost a BEST FRIEND just like you.. alhamdulillah.. allah shows me the right path to be walked.

boleh sangkut hanger?


cik bella nk story pasal ape ye? hurmm.. hah.. dah dapat idea.
 baru2 ni aku dapat simptom 'mulut itik'.. simptom ni menyebabkan aku tersangatlah suka memuncungkan mulut sedepa ala2 itik yg sgt comel.. hahaha.. perasan..and itu sangat geli.. nak tengok 'mulut itik' aku?

sama tak dengan ni..........

credit to cik adila fazleen  for this pict.

comel tak??? haaha..serius buruk okay..

Program Sukarelawan Muda Mudi Jiwa Malaysia 061011


last thursday, i joined a program so called as a voluntary program with others at Avillion Legacy Hotel, Melaka.. we were divided into groups of PURPLE, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN and BLACK. and my class got purple shirt which symbolize us as a volunteer for Rumah Seri Kenangan(RSK), Cheng. RSK is one of old folks homes. we're asked to plan a program for this home. any program that suit for the old folks.

on dat day, we also had a session on make-over. as a teacher and a volunteer, we have to take care of our appearance. so that, ASBA showed us how to make-up in proper way suit for our daily life as teacher and a volunteer. 4 of us were chosen to be a model for the session. while waiting them, we asked a lot of questions and each of the questions were answered by the demonstrator-kak sophia B.   a lot of new information about make-up  were given to us especially bout our skin care. they are useful for us.

after lunch, we're waiting for Dato's Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil for opening ceremony. and she really proud of us as we volunteer to joined them.

that's all for now. i'm proud to be one of the volunteer. hope to get more experience.

p/s: stop complaining

decision to be made


was that my fault?...maybe... but i don't think so..
it is not easy to make this decision.
but i think i should end this without thinking the cons.
yes, i'm ready enough.
i don't need you anymore. * i hope so.
years never ensure our relation.
and i think i should stop it now or else, it'll become worst.
with that, thank you for the years you spent for our best friend relationship.
no more BEST FRIEND in my life.

p/s: this is not a love story entry. don't judge a book by it's cover

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

entry bergambar....i'm back


okay, today i'll continue my entry with pictures only. this is regarding to my previous entry i'm back
enjoy the moment.....

DAY 1: Friday,30th Sept 2011
welcome SK Jasin
 makan: tercekik*
 sedapnya cekodok makngah buat ni...
 apa yg  kelakar sangat ni ???
night walk! 

DAY 2: Saturday, 1st October 2011
tangan kiri/tangan kanan/kaki kiri/kaki kanan di depan ke belakang
depan belakang ayuh goyangkan 
dan berputarlah 
lakukan bersama...

oppss...kalajengking pun nak join ke? 
 bising lagi..tak pasal2 kena gigit batu....
besarnya batu dia.. 
 cik bella pun terselit jugak.. peace!
 survival masak nasi n ayam dalam buluh
 dah siap nak dibakar
 dah siap boleh makan!!!!
sedap tak? dah lapar semua benda sedap.. tawar masin tolak tepi...

 cuba teka kanak2 ni buat ape???hahaha..
they were divided into 8 groups and every each of the groups were given 
a part of the giraffe's body for example group 1 has to do the head and etc.. 
and the result was....
ini lah hasilnya... Zirafah+gajah 
 monkey dance.

ala-ala malam kebudayaan
tema: musical performance on nature
semangat mereka ni practice. 
 pengkritik yg sangat hebat.. 
kiri: ogy ahmad daud
kanan: azean irdawaty
hahaha..serius kelakar diroang ni komen performance kanak2 tu.. 

DAY 3: Sunday, 2nd October 2011
 muka ceria cik bella di pagi hari
 i like this kid. seriously sangat comel...

Aktiviti: mendaki BUKIT BATU LEBAH

 selamat datang ke BUKIT BATU LEBAH
 Alamak tersepit...tolong3...ahahah..
cc: kak roh
keindahan alam.. 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: majlis perasmian penutup
 semua nampak ceria sebab nak balik!!

 tahniah kepada pemenang...
actually semua dapat hadiah..hehehe

hope to see you again.
nice to know and meet you..

to all students who were involved in this camp, i wish all the best to you and hope to see you again one day. lastly, thanks for your cooperation and your commitment.

credit to razman and his 4th wife a.k.a miss CANON EOS for those pictures..I LIKE!!!!!!

p/s: cik bella is going to be a teacher soon. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

i'm back!


i'm back!!!
cik bella ni baru balik dari mana pulak ni? haha....aku baru balik dari weekend camp @taman rekreasi bukit batu lebah if i'm not mistaken.

soalan normal yg biasa kanak2 riang akan tanya bila aku balik dari camp.

1. best tak?---> best sgt2
2. enjoy tak?---> enjoy sgt2
3. penat ke?---> konfem la penat syg2 ku..
4. tempat best tak?---->tak berapa nak best sbb tak banyak aktiviti yg we all boleh buat.. mybe sbb tempat ni dah lama orang tak masuk.. tapi kali ni tmpt tido terbaik sbb we all stay kat chalet..tido atas 'pangkin' tanpa tilam..toilet pun dlm chalet tu.. so tak perlu la nak merempit untuk tujuan2 tertentu.
5. peserta?---> kanak2 SK Jasin.. diorang pun best jugak.. tapi mcm tak berapa nak aktif. mybe sbb first time camp. so diorang cepat rase penat.
6. aktiviti---> hurm.. night walk, survival masak nasi and lauk ayam dalam buluh, malam kebudayaan, and daki bukit batu lebah. overall aktiviti mmg best.
7. experience yg paling best?----> of course la experience daki bukit batu lebah. melaka pun ada tempat yg best untuk di explore tau..
8. gambar?---> opppss..cik bella ni tersangat lah suka bergambar... nnti i upload ok.

hurmm.. rasa nye ni je soalan2 yg kanak2 riang selalu tanya.. dat's all for this entry.. 2 entry untuk 2 hari sy tinggalkan miss blog.. tomorrow i'll try to upload few pictures of our moment at Bukit Batu Lebah..

p/s: mereka suka bagi nama bunga*melor---melati----next?i wonder what's the next.



nk deactivate ke tak nak?jap2..kena 275 kali pikir batu boleh buat decision.. haha
okay..dengan ini sy cik bella mengisytiharkan saya telah DEACTIVATE facebook dengan rasa hormatnya.. 

sbb.. nak listkan 7 sbb ke? hurmm...
1. sbb rase TERBUANG MASA
2. sbb rase taknak diganggu dng ALIEN
3. sbb nak STUDY
4. sbb nak REHAT
5. sbb nak TIDO awal.
6. sbb nak LEBIH MASA 
7. sbb rase nak DEACTIVATE

dat's all my 7 reason why did so.. 

seriously, bile cik FB ni takde aku tido awal.. and kalau mcm 'takde' keje tu aku tak on langsung cik lappy ni. one more, aku rasa mcm ada lebih masa untuk pergi menguruskan badan.. seronok kan?? so rase nye tak sia2 aku deactivate fb.. just for a while and i'll be back soon.. am i miss you cik fb?? hurmm.. just wait n see whether i miss you or not.. owh.. forgot to tell.. the best in this deactivation.. my friend changed my password to the new one which i don't know the password. that it'll decrease the tendency to activate the fb.. credit to Farhanah Samat for creating my new password which i knew there's something fishy with the password.  eager to know the password.. but then, sabar je laa.. hahaha.. hopefully bertahan sampai satu masa yg teramat sesuai untuk activate semula.. . 

dat's all for this entry. love you all. 

p/s: i miss the old you. tq.