Wednesday, May 2, 2012

21 days.

assalamualaikum. to all.. morning everyone. 

just wanna share something which i never forget till today. it was my first experience and it remains till now. simple to say, because i never 'delete' it. 

this song was given by the 'memory'. the 'card' is just nice in my box. i'll will not throw it away. simple to say, because i love to be yours before. but for now onward it might be impossible......


Looking back at me I see
That I never really got it right
I never stopped to think of you
I'm always wrapped up in
Things I cannot win
You are the antidote that gets me by
Something strong
Like a drug that gets me high

What I really meant to say
Is I'm sorry for the way I am
I never meant to be so cold

To you I'm sorry about all the lies
Maybe in a different light
You could see me stand on my own again
Cause now i can see
You were the antidote that got me by
Something strong like a drug that got me high

I never meant to be so cold

I never really wanted you to see
The screwed up side of me that I keep
Locked inside of me so deep
It always seems to get to me
I never really wanted you to go
So many things you should have known
I guess for me theres just no hope
I never meant to be so cold

till then, nni.....<3

notabutterfly: 21 days - just nice. may i have that 21 days again?

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