Friday, September 30, 2011

mentaliti doktor kerajaan

assalamualaikum.. selamat pagi to all.

today, as i said in my previous entry, i wanna go to clinic. and this morning i went to the clinic and of course i have to go to the gov. clinic. alhamdulillah, i didn't have to wait for a long period of time as there were not so many patience waiting for their turn. i got turn no.1514 and had to entered room no.13. i met the doctor and told bout my eyes. my eyes was not infected but it's turned to reddish because of hygienic. i couldn't wear the lens within 1 week. orait then. and before left, i asked her to give medicine for my sore throat, migraine and for flu. she seems like writing everything on the paper. however, when i took my medicine at the so called as pharmacy, i only got a bottle of eye drop, antibiotic, and 'ubat tahan sakit'. and i was thinking where's the other medicine. i wanna ask but they're busy and i couldn't ask for my other medicine. kak zuli@my senior also experienced the same as me. and i think the doctor in charge for her was more annoyed compared to me. she's a malay woman and for us she shouldn't treat us like that. for them, we come to see the doctor because we wanna escape from our classes. hello.. what for we go to your clinic just for the silly reason. as a doctor especially gov.servant, you shouldn't do that to us and everyone. it is your job to treat patient. even though we pay nothing for your treatment, but you already paid by our gov. for your services...

p/s: vs private hospital?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

bini-biniku gangsters.


you all dah tgk movie ni? seriously the best. i like like like like.. oppsss..over pulak. aku pegi dgn my 2 girlfriends. fatin and diyana. gelak giler2 citer ni.. hurmm.. but then, ada scene yg rasa nak keluar air mata ni tp control la kan.. hahaha.. just imagine, a woman tends to let her husband marries another woman because she couldn't give birth. seriously, this is too sad. another thing is, the 2nd wife married to her husband just because to revenge. this is call as sweet revenge.. ya, how could she did it.. wanna know more bout this movie, just go to GSC@MBO and buy ticket for this movie.. hahaha. experience it by your own is better than listen to others.

what ever it is.. i give 9/10 stars for this movie.. i adore you SS.. see ya..

p/s: why couple seat? there's another hidden agenda.. think it positively.

eye infections


my eyes was infected by viruses..especially my right eye. everybody asked me bout my eye and i have no answer for it. hurm, i should go to clinic a.s.a.p before it become worst. so i'll talk bout this later..

p/s: allah is warning me bout something..

Monday, September 26, 2011

fashion trends

assamualaikum to all..

we're required to do a research on any topic that we like to. and my friend and i choose to discuss on the topic of Fashion Trends. people love to be fashionable to make them look more beautiful, gorgeous, and also mesmerizing. in fact, sometimes, people who is more fashionable is more confident compared to someone who is very outdated in fashion. in order to accomplish this research, we've divided ourselves into two types of fashion trends which are western fashion trends and eastern fashion trends. and as for me, i have to find more information on the western fashion trends. in this field of fashion, we can see that fashion is updating from time to time. people change their fashions according to the trend of the year. for example, back then in 1960's till 1970's, people more interested to vintage and retro style of fashion. after years, this fashion trends are being popular within our community. for this changes, we can see that, people may change their style of fashion according to the years and probably the current popular trends. even though, at first people may look awkward     on the fashion, but then, more people tend to follow them. for example, we can see clearly on the shawl trend nowadays. back then, people are not familiar to wear shawl and we can see less scarf shop sells the shawls. however, in these few years, this shawl trends is the most popular than other scarves. every each of scarf's shop  will sell many types and design of shawls  to attract  people to come in especially the teenagers. and nowadays, people who is wearing shawl looks more up to dated person and she tends to capture the others attraction.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

raya @ipg kampus perempuan melayu melaka

assalamualaikum to all

syawal nak sampai ke penghujungnya.. this is the last weekend for syawal. and probably there're many houses going to be opened..hahaha.. and today i'm going to go a few more houses with my lovely sisters.. but then, this entry is going to story morry bout our aidilfitri celebration that was held yesterday. before the celebration, we had a few more agenda on the day such as monthly assembly, majlis punah bakti(persaraan lecturer), hari kualiti and celebration hari raya..

and one thing yang aku perasan hari ni tersangatlah ramai yang dressup in green... let's take a look..

1. mr.marzuki * ketua jabatan bahasa

2. mdm iswander kaur *social studies lecturer

3. my self..hehehe

4. and my lovely and sweet classmates

5. oppss.. here is adila fazleen

orait then, no word to say. just pictures can tell the story of us.. enjoy the pictures..

               .polka dots.
         .me and ash.
                    .with our mum,mdm mastura.

that's all for this entry.. thanks for reading..

Friday, September 23, 2011

entry tidak bertajuk

assalamualaikum to all..

i wanna write something in this blank page.. but every each of my sentences will be erased by myself.. why??? because i don't really know how to interpret my feelings right now.. and this is the only thing that i could write..

okay cik bella, time to sleep.. esok jamuan raya.. so hopefully i could right something for the moment.. love all..

p/s: miss you faris putra. see you in few more hours.. love you baby...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

bahagiakah aku?


Bahagia itu bukan destinasi
yang belum pasti
bahagia ada setiap hari
dinikmati oleh hati

Bahagia anugerah Ilahi
berhak dimiliki
buat siapa yang mencari
dengan petunjuk hakiki

Bahagia perlu diciptakan
bukan sekadar diangankan
dalam setiap keadaan
dalam setiap kesempatan

Usah terus sengsara
bahagiamu di depan mata
ciptakanlah bahagia
dan sebarkan bahagia


assalamualaikum..thanks for somebody who shared this to me. i appreciated your sharing and caring.. hurmm. am i happy with my life? think so. but then, i still wondering how....

.......short entry for this while.

p/s: mr.mood pliz come back..i'm begging you

Monday, September 19, 2011

sambutan hari kemerdekaan yang ke 54 dan hari malaysia

assalamualaikum dan salam 1 Malaysia to all.

okay, hari ni baru ada mood nak story morry with you all. aku baru je balik dari celebration merdeka day di Dataran Merdeka and stay di Putrajaya selama 11 hari (6sept-16sept). so hari ni baru nak mengupdate apa2 yg patut di update. mcm2 yg aku nk story. so kalau rasa entry ni terpanjang dari biasa korang boleh abaikan and klik button close..hahaahaaa..

me: salam mak. ila otw nk gi putrajaya ni
mak: wsalam. owh.. ati2 kat sana. lagi 1 jgn dok main mata pulak kat sana.. jgn jd mcm dulu.. yg dh pisah tu pisah je la ye.. *sambil gelak2..
me: oppss..insyallah.. *dlm ati: mmg taubat taknak main mata more eye contact pliz..hahahaha

dlm bas we all tido macam setahun tak tido..bajet masa kat sana tak dpt tido..haha..padahal mostly kat sana we all tido..

okay, lets make a move.
we all stay at tingkat 9 blok b presint 17 putrajaya.
we all ada 3 kali latihan dalam sehari. 1.pagi*after subuh/before subuh dah gerak di dataran merdeka 2. petang*after asar kat area apartment presint 17. 3. malam*after maghrib/before maghrib dah gerak gi dataran merdeka. cuba teka we all kena buat ape kat sini lebih kurang macam bazir masa but then, we actually create a history okay.. hahaha...this is what we have done.. and IPG is performing HUMAN L.E.D...

next, this is our daily routine:
1. bangun kul 4.30a.m siap2 utk latihan pagi.
2. 5.30-6.00 a.m rebut2 naik bas utk ke D.M
3. 7-11 a.m latihan pagi human l.e.d
4. 11.15 a.m rebut2 naik bas utk pulang ke gagang..*bajet mcm anak2 burung nak blk apartment..
5. 12.30-1.30 p.m lunch hour
6. 2.00-4.00 p.m heavenly tido
7. 5.00p.m-6.00p.m latihan petang
8.*entry kali ni more than 7 lists laa..huhu.... 7.00-7.30p.m siap and turun utk rebut2 bas ke D.M
9. 8-10.00p.m latihan malam
10.30p.m rebut2 naik bas lagi..
11.30p.m supper and mendaki naik ke tingkat 9 blok b.
12.30 a.m tido.. *tp biasenye aku tido kul 1 lebih2.

* actually, this is just based on my estimation.. takdelah 100% betul timing nye.. sometimes lambat and kadang2 terawal pulak..ikut mood..hahaah

next, makan

hari2 we all kat sini mmg best.. even do the same thing. tp tak boring sbb mmg enjoy habis.. lupa segala masalah especially bout the 'place'.. record yek. pastu, makan pun free.. ditanggung 100% tak perlu bayar okay.. so this is the perfect time utk menggemukkan badan..huhu.. yes, i'm one of them..terasa gemuk after balik dari putrajaya..patutnye rasa kurus sbb kena mendaki sampai tingkat 9.. hahaah..

ni lah blok yang we all stay

2000 ipg's students involved in this performance.. and we all kena duduk atas stage mcm tangga and tersangat lah tak kukuh..seriously rasa tak secure duduk atas tu.. but then, diorang ada baiki and we feel secure finally.

next, this is our prop's lists:
1. t-shirt yellow-white
2. jaket blue-red-white
3.slack navvy blue
5.payung from indonesia*sorry terpaksa buang sbb dah rosak.
6. beg*same goes to this bag.
7.glove*you too.
8.bendera*pulangkan semula
9.pom-pom*takde orang nak bwk balik benda nih..bagi free pun i taknak

semua ni we all guna time latihan and performance.. that's why laa payung tu terpaksa dibuang sbb rosak..what do you expect dgn latihan selama 9 hari?? hahaha..konfem laa payung yg look sweet tu boleh rosak.. same goes to the bag.. dah koyak rabak sbb low quality and plus aku bwk ke hulu ke if orang lain tak bawak pulak beg tu..ganas gler cik bella ni..malu2..tutup muka cepat..hhaha

next, anti en.shah
kat sini aku ada anti someone.. geram giler ngan orang ni. wanna know why?? ade ke patut dia ckp aku bwk bantal time gi latihan.. sbb dia tengok beg aku ni gemuk semacam je.. bajet macam beg2 orang lain tak gemuk.. beg ni gemuk semua sbb pom-pom yg sarat tu. depan2 orang ramai dia ckp mcm tu..maka dengan itu, dia telah mengisytiharkan perang dengan aku..hahahah..bajet mcm world war jek. tp sekarang dah tak anti lagi.. hahaha..
even pom-pom ni sarat tapi bila perform tersangat lah cantik

next, this is not our culture,
"this is not our culture."...semua orang konfem ingat quotes coach kitorang ni.. setiap kali diorang nak boo time latihan coach ni akan ckp thi is not our culture.. hurmm.. at first, i was thinking that he was a very great guy as he always think in positive side. but then, few days before the end, i lost the respect on him as he's not really a great guy as i think before. why? just because he and the other coach wanted to entertain us, they simply make something without thinking about the pro and cons. they should think about expectation on them.. haaha..sorry, saya tak hormat anda lagi.. story nye macam ni, we all ada celebrate hari raya on 14sept. so, that night ada performance from the coaches. and 2 orang daripada mereka ni dengan berani mati nya pakai ala2 perempuan..siap dengan make up, rambut and yg paling obvious dress up.. seriously, jijik dengan diorang.. menyanyi, menari sambil bergesel.. ya allah, seriously, aku malu dengan tindakan diorang. kenapa aku pulak nak malu ?? sebab diorang ni orang islam, melayu, and maybe a teacher too.. malu sebab pertontonkan keabaiban depan non-muslim yg ada kat situ.. is this our culture?? kena lah tanya pada coach kami.. boleh nak berhibur tapi bukan dengan cara ni. banyak lagi cara lain.. so sorry to say, this is not our culture. okay, tak nak hilang mood sbb diorang ni.. so let's move to the next..

next, reserved..
sepanjang 9 hari latihan kat D.M sekali je aku mintak reserve.. sbb pening kepala. baru lah aku sedar yg aku ni actually tak tahan dengan bau2an. hari tu aku pening bcoz of B.O*body odour and bau rokok.. so aku pun turun lah sbb dah tahan dengan b.o2 bdk2 lelaki ni.. naik pitam aku dibuatnya.. hhaha...time kat bawah tu EN.FIRST AID*sorry tak tau nama.. tnya kenapa aku mintak reserve and dengan rasa geramnyaaku cakap lah aku sakit kepala sebab bau rokok and b.o.. EN.FIRST AID gelak giler2 and i wonder why dia nak gelak..after few while aku ternampak dia smoke.. and more wonder..huh..maka, dengan ini, saya cik------ taknak kwn dengan orang yg merokok.. stay away from me please..

next, celebration hari raya
just wanna show the pics..

with my housemate

me in front our home sweet home

*pics terbesar need to enlarge..clean and clear you all nak tengok..

next,hurmmm...tengok gambar la pulak..sebab tak tau nak story morry apa lagi..hehehe..

.payung yang sweet.

.our cap.

.long way to go through.

.heading to the bus.

.more than 10000 involved .

.our coach.

.our day.

.our backbone.

.jalur gemilang.

.human l.e.d.

.our hands.

.our independent day.

finally, done.. 16 sept 2011 we leave them all but one thing we still keep in mind is all the memories there.. every each of the moment are mean to be remembered. we have created our own history. and we PROUD to be ANAK MALAYSIA.. KAMI ANAK MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!*sambil nyanyi lagu kami anak malaysia..

that's all for this entry.. i spent a few days to write this entry.. hahaaha..and finally.. done with it.. however, there are so many things to be story morry in this entry but i just take few things that i wanna share.. thanks for reading.. see you..

p/s: things would be happened if you wish so..

Monday, September 5, 2011

demam.. kenapa datang sekarang?

assalamualaikum..salam syawal to all.

hidung dah berair..tekak dah perit sgt2..kepala pun dah pening2 'butterfly'..ini bermakna aku sedang demam.. setelah sekian lama mr.demam tak datang melawat aku, hari ni dengan baik hatinya dia datang meluangkan masa dengan aku.. hopefully jap je.. bukan tak rindu ngan mr.demam tapi dia datang masa tak sesuai.. takde orang nak jage singgap jap je ye..please.. i'm begging you..seriously bkn tak suka dia dtg tapi bukan sekarang.coz there are so many things to be done in these few days. i need to use my mental and physical.. just imagine, how i'm gonna go through this 10 days if i'm not feeling well...esok pagi nak gerak gi putrajaya.. 10 hari nak menghadap latihan sambutan hari malaysia. ya allah, sihatkanlah tubuh badan aku.. okay, tak larat nak teruskan entry.. thats all for today.. love you readers..   wish me get well very soon ya.. amin..

p/s: putrajaya..please dont let my 'eyes' playing around ya..

Sunday, September 4, 2011

dream..mimpi indah or nightmare?

assalamualaikum to all..
this is entry is about DREAM a.k.a MIMPI
orang tua2 cakap setiap mimpi tu ada maksud tersurat/tersirat.. betul ke? or just a myth? boleh percaya ke? so i wanna story morry bout my few night dreams..

  • first, bout ANACONDA. aku penah mimpi kena kejar dgn anaconda.. biasenye dgr mimpi pasal ular2 biasa.. tbe2 je aku mimpi pasal anaconda.. seriously, bangun tido jek terasa penat as if kena kejar betul2.. and yg best nye prince charming selamatkan aku.. ececeh.. bajet hero je mamat tu.. tp tak dpt tgk pun muka dat guy.. so aku tak tau laa sape mamat tu.. then, aku story kat mak n few people.. diorang ckp biasenye kalau mimpi pasal ular ni ada orang nak masuk minang..betul ke??? and one of diorang ckp maybe orang 'besar' sbb aku mimpi ANACONDA...hahahaha...mitos semata-mata..abaikan.. 
  • second, bout GIGI. rasanye within this week, aku mimpi pasal patah gigi. biasenye orang mimpi gigi bawah or atas yg patah, tp aku pulak semua gigi patah.. kenapa ye? so aku pun tnye my mum. mak ckp kalau gigi bawah maksudnya orang umur bawah aku meninggal and kalau atas orang umur atas aku yg meninggal.. but the problem is aku mimpi semua gigi yg patah.. is there any sign for this dream? takut..yup..aku mmg takut.. mimpi sometimes give us signs..but sometime we never realize bout it.. ya allah, hopefully there's nothing bad to be happened.. 
  • third?- otw kot.
actually, mcm2 mimpi tp ni yg any idea is that true bout the dream? is the dream bad or good? no one knows right. only HIM knows everything.. so serahkan kpdNYA.. just pray for the best. insyallah.. sebaik-baik janji...

p/s: believe it or not

assalamualaikum.. salam syawal..

hari dah 5 syawal.. esok nk balik ipg all boleh baca tak ape yg ade kat dlm hati skrg ni??TAK NAK BALIK BOLEH TAK???...................konfem laa tak boleh.. so terpaksa reflect kan kpd SAYA NAK BALIK SEKARANG BOLEH TAK???..ececeh...hipokrit la pulak...hahaha..whatever it is. i love my ipg laa....kihkihkih...dah ready ke brg2 nk balik? konfem laa aku lum ready pape..1 benda pun tak packing lagi.. sbb penyakit MALAS menyerang..huhu...hari tu balik kg mcm nk blk cuti sem padahal cuti 1 mggu jek.. so konfem la esok aku blk pun mcm nk stay selama-lamanya kat ipg tercinta tu.. alamakkkkkkkkkkkk.......lupa nak beli tiket bas........hehehe..bajet kg mcm kat kelantan jek.. hellooo cik bella, rumah hang tu 21 minit je nk sampai ipg ok..naik bas ting tong pun sampai ipg b4 kul 7 tau..hahaha....

p/s: doakan aku sampai ipg dgn selamat ye..


assalamualaikum.. salam ramadhan....oppsss..salam syawal laa..
pejam celik pejam eh..dah 5 syawal..rasa mcm bru semalam berpuasa*dialog biasa kte dgr..haha
RAYA 2011, ape yg aku rasa ye??? ofcoz laa happy go lucky..hahahaha...why?

1 syawal: we're in green
jom tgk list reason aku happy raya 2011:
  1. puasa penuh......?????oppss
  2. everybody is here*blk kg serkam..
  3. settle kemas rumah b4 malam raya*biasenye mlm raya aku still sibuk mengemas
  4. we all pakai green time pagi raya
  5. dah besar mcm ni pun still dpt duit raya total 3 angka..*bkn 3k..huhu
  6. dpt bg anak2 duit raya* every year aku bg.. rasanye tak penah miss
  7. semua yg di atas..actually bnyk lagi.. but then aku suka no.7, so aku list kan sampai no.7 je.. 
what ever it is.. happy or tak this year aku dpt raya 5 hari je sbb hari2 seterusnya we all 'beraya' kat putrajaya....rehearsal for hari malaysia 16sept2011.. so tgk laa we all kat tv yek...hahaha

p/s: buat something kena ikhlas so that takde laa rasa berat sgt pun..