Saturday, October 29, 2011


entry finale bout the past. and after this no more entry bout the useless thing which i consider the thing as a man.. hahaha..

me myself, will never post any entry bout the thing anymore. because, past is past. and i'll never let the past touch my future, even my present.. i wanna live my life without the thing. i don't want to waste my time and also hurt my own feeling with the thing. so, from now onward, i'll never let the thing to appear in my entry. because i love my self more than everything.

i might let you touch my past till you tended to ruined it, and you screwed my present with those bitter memory. but, don't ever dare to come into my future even only a step.
one step you try to move, the hatred will ruin yours.....forever.

okay. i have done. ..

p/s: tomorrow.

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