Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MUET fever!

assalamualaikum and a very pleasant day i bid to examiners and fellow candidates. today we will talk about what is the best way to express one' feeling. and my opinion, i think the best way to express our feeling is by face-to-face lah namanya demam MUET.. hahaha... tak pasal2 dah melalut sampai ke paris i'm in love..

back to our topic.. setiap kali nak exam jek confirm lah mood nak makan tu terbang melayang-layang tak tau la gi mana..yang boleh telan roti n buah. nasi???? takde selera.. ni semua gara-gara mr.MUET.

alhamdulillah. today, i done with my dearest mr.speaking. and mrs.reading, miss listening and mr.writing will coming soon on 19 Nov. please be goo to me ya.. i 'll love you more.. haha..

speaking test.. i'm not good enough in speaking. but , i don't think that I've done a lot to improve and cope with the language.

the speaking test was held at anjung hikmah at 7.30am because i'm candidate for the 1st session. i'm candidate A in my group. seriously, i felt nervous. everybody felt the same. not only we felt the butterfly in my stomach. but, one of us(miss diela) felt the frog in her stomach.. hahahah.. but to cope with tht, my mom and aunt told me to recite surah AL-INSYIRAH to overcome the nervous.

i got a question on 'what way to express one's feeling' and as Candidate A, i have to elaborate on FACE-TO-FACE COMMUNICATION.

seems like the question is easy. but no one knows about the marks given.. so, as i have did my best, let allah do the rest.

to all my friends, wish you the best of luck. may allah listens to our heart. aminn....

p/s: counting the days.

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