Sunday, October 9, 2011

Program Sukarelawan Muda Mudi Jiwa Malaysia 061011


last thursday, i joined a program so called as a voluntary program with others at Avillion Legacy Hotel, Melaka.. we were divided into groups of PURPLE, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN and BLACK. and my class got purple shirt which symbolize us as a volunteer for Rumah Seri Kenangan(RSK), Cheng. RSK is one of old folks homes. we're asked to plan a program for this home. any program that suit for the old folks.

on dat day, we also had a session on make-over. as a teacher and a volunteer, we have to take care of our appearance. so that, ASBA showed us how to make-up in proper way suit for our daily life as teacher and a volunteer. 4 of us were chosen to be a model for the session. while waiting them, we asked a lot of questions and each of the questions were answered by the demonstrator-kak sophia B.   a lot of new information about make-up  were given to us especially bout our skin care. they are useful for us.

after lunch, we're waiting for Dato's Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil for opening ceremony. and she really proud of us as we volunteer to joined them.

that's all for now. i'm proud to be one of the volunteer. hope to get more experience.

p/s: stop complaining

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