Monday, September 26, 2011

fashion trends

assamualaikum to all..

we're required to do a research on any topic that we like to. and my friend and i choose to discuss on the topic of Fashion Trends. people love to be fashionable to make them look more beautiful, gorgeous, and also mesmerizing. in fact, sometimes, people who is more fashionable is more confident compared to someone who is very outdated in fashion. in order to accomplish this research, we've divided ourselves into two types of fashion trends which are western fashion trends and eastern fashion trends. and as for me, i have to find more information on the western fashion trends. in this field of fashion, we can see that fashion is updating from time to time. people change their fashions according to the trend of the year. for example, back then in 1960's till 1970's, people more interested to vintage and retro style of fashion. after years, this fashion trends are being popular within our community. for this changes, we can see that, people may change their style of fashion according to the years and probably the current popular trends. even though, at first people may look awkward     on the fashion, but then, more people tend to follow them. for example, we can see clearly on the shawl trend nowadays. back then, people are not familiar to wear shawl and we can see less scarf shop sells the shawls. however, in these few years, this shawl trends is the most popular than other scarves. every each of scarf's shop  will sell many types and design of shawls  to attract  people to come in especially the teenagers. and nowadays, people who is wearing shawl looks more up to dated person and she tends to capture the others attraction.

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