Thursday, September 29, 2011

bini-biniku gangsters.


you all dah tgk movie ni? seriously the best. i like like like like.. oppsss..over pulak. aku pegi dgn my 2 girlfriends. fatin and diyana. gelak giler2 citer ni.. hurmm.. but then, ada scene yg rasa nak keluar air mata ni tp control la kan.. hahaha.. just imagine, a woman tends to let her husband marries another woman because she couldn't give birth. seriously, this is too sad. another thing is, the 2nd wife married to her husband just because to revenge. this is call as sweet revenge.. ya, how could she did it.. wanna know more bout this movie, just go to GSC@MBO and buy ticket for this movie.. hahaha. experience it by your own is better than listen to others.

what ever it is.. i give 9/10 stars for this movie.. i adore you SS.. see ya..

p/s: why couple seat? there's another hidden agenda.. think it positively.

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