Saturday, January 7, 2012

orientation days

assalamualaikum.. and morning to all

goodbye, thanks for treat me nicely. welcome, please make me fall in love with you. 
dulu-PPISMP TESL1 intake JUNE2010
sekarang- PISMP TESL 1 intake JAN2012
dah hilang 'P' ke-2 tapi jangan risau sebab saya still lagi simpan kat dalam 'memory land' sy. sy takkan lupa anda even anda tukar nama. hahaahah..just crapping. 
cik bella dah masuk degree.almadulillah, dah tutup buku foundation and now sedang get ready nak bukak buku degree pulak. more subject to be explored and exposed. 

opppss.. terpanjang pulak mukadimahnya.. 
actually nak share about our orientation week which was held in just 3 days starting from 4th -6th Jan 2012. 
this is our 2nd time involved in this Minggu Pengurusan Pelajar Baharu.. even dah setahun setengah kat sini, we all kena jugak attend and kena ikut adat turun temurun which is wearing 'tudung itik' within that week. 

sweet tak??

pernah persoalkan why we have to have this orientation. we all kan dah study kat sini almost 2 years so tak perlulah susah2 nak attend orientasi ni kan.. and i got the answer why.. both orientations PPISMP and PISMP were absolutely different. coz pengisiannya berbeza dari pelbagai aspek eg: academic and Kokuriikulum.

even just few days tapi banyak info yang we all dapat. 
eg: to get first class honor, must get 3.8.

and banyak jugak yang we all pertikaikan about our ipg. bout rules and regulation, financial, etc. 
one of yang we all argued was about new baju batik. 
we all kena beli batik corak baru which cost us RM195. padahal we all dah ada and baru pakai almost 2 years.  we all tak nampak kat mana kepentingannya. tapi..... terpaksa sebab we're forced to buy it.
and banyak lagi... tapi, sebagai student kat sini, we have to accept it. 

that's all i think, not really in the mood of typing and sharing about this entry. 
till then..

nota butterfly: we are bound to the rules and regulation. just follow them and enjoy your life. we have own way of enjoying our life as a teacher to be. 

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