Sunday, January 1, 2012

entry pertama 2012

assalamualaikum.. to all.. 

1st day in 2012.. i'm not going to wish anything. don't ask WHY. 
this entry is for someone who i owe him many stories but then i just wanna share only one for today.. the rest are still keep in 'buku 555'. okay!! don't worry you'll get them all , one day means not today.. 

yesterday, i promise to story you about the drama on 'aduh sayang' let me write them here and it easy for you to read.. 
aduh sayang. 

it's all about a life after married. there's a  young-married couple who have 2 little children. both husband and wife are working at different places and nobody can take care of their children while they are working. so, they decided to send their children to one of nurseries nearby. but then, their life is still look miserable as they could not handle their children very well. they have to wake up every night when the children are crying or else the children sometimes are under-controlled. they sometimes late to office, sleepy. and feel tired while working. these should not happen while working, right?

however, everything change after one fine day.......

one day, they visit their parents. and their parents could see how miserable their life are. so, they give an opinion to them to ease their burden. their parents volunteer to take care of their children and they may take them on weekends. it sound easy but for them, it's too difficult to let their children away from them. however, after thinking the pro and cons, finally they agreed and let their parents look after the little children. 

in just few weeks, a lot of things happen and the most important is they seem like more cheerful and enthusiastic in their office. everyone can see their changes. until, the husband get an offered to work at Melbourne. the husband gives an idea to the wife to continue her masters there. sounds good and everyone is happy with the offer except the wife because, she thinks about the little children. they could not afford to hire someone to look after their children or send them to nursery. so, their parents once again trying to help them. they once again volunteer to look after the little children while they stay there in 3 years. 

however, they only come back after 5 years. what do they expect after 5 years leave the children with their   grandparents. so many things change in 5 years. both little children are growing up. they start thinking about their parents and they are too close to their grandparents. they called them 'mak' and 'ayah'. can you see how close they are. they seems could not accept their own parents. and feel angry to them. they are too young to think the reasons of WHY. fortunately, their grandparents know how to talk to the children. 

to make it short, the husband and wife start to give up and admit it as their own fault at first. however, the children are also start to think about it. they realize that they should not do that to their parents. 
finally, they live happily ever after......

............THE END..........

that's all i think. i hope you like it.. so, you can mark as PAY in your 'buku 555'. hahaha.. the rest i'll pay it later.. later means not today.. 

okay, saya nak berbahasa melayu setelah mengarut dalam English language. okay, admit ayat tunggang - langgang. at least cuba okay. banyak yang perlu di improve. tahun baru ni saya improve okay. 

cerita ni sangat best. seronok tengok sampai rasa nak gelak guling-guling. kelakar and i wonder if it'll happen to me. semoga tidak. saya dah fikirkan solution untuk masalah ni semalam.  okay, my future husband take note ya.

this is my idea: 
  • saya nak seorang m.a.i.d. tapi half day sebab saya kerja pagi sampai petang so malam saya boleh take over.. . 

  • saya tak nak hantar anak2 kat rumah parents saya ok. 
  • saya nak parents saya rehat goyang kaki je kat rumah 
  • saya tak nak berhenti kerja selagi ada cara nak selesaikan masalah... penat2 saya belajar 5 tahun setengah kat ipg tercinta senang2 awak nak saya berhenti kerja... oppss, sorry.. saya tak nak sebab saya akan sangat sayang career saya as teacher. so, before get marry kita discuss pasal ni yek.. kalau tak saya tak nak kawin.. FULLSTOP. I DONT CARE....
hahaha..dah macam buat paperwork pulak... tapi ni la realitinya.. so, kepada my future husband seriously, take note okay. tak kisah siapa pun anda.. we'll meet after few more years okay.. saya taknak jumpa anda sekarang.. peace :)

that's all...till then. love you all.. 

p/s: future planning is a must. kita merancang, Allah jua yang menentukan.. semoga apa yang dirancang menjadi kenyataan. aminnnn... 

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