Sunday, August 28, 2011


to someone: I'M VERY SORRY

coz i leave you without any single word..
coz i have to do this
coz i should not do this to you
coz i should not do that to you
coz i should not let you waiting for me
coz i should not give you any hope
coz i cant give my heart to you
coz i cant force my self to give any commitment for this while
coz i'm not meant for you..

whatever it is,
i'm very grateful bcoz have somebody like you..
i'm very thankful to have a friend just like you who never giving up
i'm very glad to have you as a friend

but i have to go.. thanks a lot my dear friend.. thanks for your care on me. thanks for everything..
we're meant to be just a friend which never end up with any other relationship..i tried so many times but i found nothing.. sorry for that..

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