Saturday, August 13, 2011

7 years waiting for...19 days be with...

an innocent girl could not accept anybody even tried her best .
7 years she tried to ignore and avoid her feelings towards anybody because she believe all the words.. and hope it will come true one day.. but the end of the day, the words are just words without meaning..the innocent girl is waiting for something which is meaningless..


7 years with nothing..
19 days be with...
i learned a lot..
i learned the reality of life.. thank you for encouraging me to learn more in my life..
19 years, i waste my days without knowing more in the real life..
i love this quote,
learn from experience, share knowledge and celebrate success
i'll remember those words..
am i ready and though enough to step up into this real life?
I WILL and I CAN...
with bless
insyallah.. the best promise....
now on wards...
i live my life without the 'hope' and left the 'promises' behind..

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