Friday, November 18, 2011

muet fever II

assalamualaikum to all..

yeah. i'm still in my room at this lovely hostel. it was awesome! metaphorically speaking is just for the sake of taking MUET which is not compulsory for ipg's students anymore. but then, we still here because we have paid for this exam and we already done our speaking test. so we just finish them all. tomorrow is for reading, writing and listening test. hope to get best marks for these test. so, please be good to me yeah. :)

p/s: the tears are gone with those memories.


EG said...

la, kau kena muet jugak ke? Hahaha. Goodluck!

miss bella said...

kau dah kan? soalan susah kot. writing mencabar minda. idea pun mcm tak relevan jek. btw. thanks bro :)