Wednesday, November 9, 2011

birthday prank for 7th eleven!

assalamualaikum.. to all:)

happy birthday, kaklong:)
this week is actually an exam week. and i'm not suppose to write any entry right. hahaha..hopefully, this entry can be considered as practicing on writing an essay as tomorrow we will sit for LDV's paper which require us to write about 2 essays.. 

in this entry, i would like to share on the birthday prank which was held on last Sunday. this birthday prank was for my cousin, Kaklong CT who was born on 7th November. my cousins and i was planned this prank a week before the day as all of us were going back to our hometown for aidiladha. the best part is, we managed to collect money for this birthday celebration. i'm very glad because we have a strong bond between each other. we supported each other and gave full commitment on every plan we decided. the money collection was for a birthday cake and a special birthday present. other expenses was sponsored by our uncle and aunt. 
here the birthday girl-kaklong CT

to make it more memorable, i made a handmade box which can put something inside. guess what had we inserted in? .....we inserted birthday's notes for her. every each of us were required to write a birthday note on a paper and even my father and uncle wrote a very meaningful note for her. . its up to them to write on. this is the second best part :) as i said before, all of us gave the commitment. once again, i'm very glad with them.

untied the knots:)..jeng..jeng..jeng
on the day, which was night before her birthday, we gathered along and started the prank. we tied her eyes and hand and hold her hand to walked around our home. she started to scream. we just ignored her words. then, let her stood outside in the dark while we set up the party inside. after that, we brought her inside, in front of the cake and we sang a birthday song for her. the third best part is, we sang the song accompanied by the guitar. its sound so awesome. we untied those knots and she blew the candles with her wishes.
with us
with us
then, we sat together and she read all the notes given by us. she read one by one. nothing left. i believe, this is a very memorable moment to be remembered.
one of the notes, if i'm not mistaken, it's from zaimi
reading the notes given:)
the smallest note
the notes given from us
....yeah!!! we done a very great job! we enjoyed the moment. thanks to all.
special gift from us-a handbag which she wished to have
with all the presents
to my lovely cousin, kaklong CT, i wish for your happiness and may allah bless your way of life and give you a bright future to be experienced:)

to my lovely and supportive cousins, i love this moment, and i hope it will remain ever after.

photos of US
with kaklong syafiqah,

with syaza

with hasif a.k.a pakcik perasan macho

with zaimi, the guitarist

with her mom

with mak dara-kak yati n kak ogy n two boys

with hariz

with me:) n flower in the mouth

the triangle box

p/s: exams make me SPEECHLESS!

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