Thursday, November 17, 2011

entry pertama selepas EXAM!

assalamualaikum.. to all

this is my first entry after facing the lovely n kindly so called MR.EXAMINATION!!!!!
Okay, lets me introduce all the lovely papers ya.
  1. first, miss LDS a.k.a grammar. this lady is so kind till all of us kind of SPEECHLESS. ya, it's difficult till i have no word to say. * just an exaggeration .
  2. second, mr.LDV a.k.a writing and reading. this paper seems like our SPM i think. not bad. i have to understand 2 kind of long paragraph essay which is difficult to understand it well. but still can go through with it. and wrote two essays, 250words and 350-500words. the first essay is a guided one and the next i have to choose any one of the title given and write it out.
  3. third paper is mrs. ES a.k.a literature. okay, this paper really killing me softly. one word for this paper, WORDLESS. honestly, frankly speaking, i'm not so into this kind of subject. literature!!!! owh please. i never falling in love with literature. just imagine how can i answer all the question given that day without reading all the novel and drama. i'm not an english book's reader. i'm not falling with them yet. but one day perhaps. within this 1 and half year foundation, i have to learn almost 10 poems, short stories, a drama of Macbeth, a drama of Trifle and a novel of To Kill a Mockingbird plus several others poem. but only 2 out of everything i learned in lesson only took place in that paper. okay, lets give a big. applause. on that day, i have to answer 1 unseen poem of night rider and a short story of quiet hour which we never heard the title before. and something that i think quite ridiculous, the poem cant be found in the net. and the short stories is too unseen. i could not understand the abstract given. and i think even they give me the whole story i still could not manage to understand it. talking bout the question given for the drama of Macbeth. a short question but quite hard to brainstorm the idea. give 2 ways how Shakespeare cultivated his audience in centuries. okay, what should i write. i never remember about this kind of person. not interested at all. so, i just wrote what i want. last but not least, the last question is about the novel of TKAM. the question asked us to relate the themes and timeless. and i'm not interested to talk about this question. that's all i can describe about this kind of WORDLESS paper.
  4. last paper is mr.SS a.k.a social studies. its about our life. i love this subject. but then, i still think this paper is slowly giving me headache. so, no word for this paper because what i know is I HAVE DONE all the papers.
which one of these paper give you more description? of course the 3rd one. the one that killing me softly. but i'm still alive till now. alhamdullah. thank you allah for borrowing me this life me to go through. okay, the last paper end means WE ARE DONE WITH THE FOUNDATION YEAR. yeah. but still MUET is waiting for us this 19th november. so, lets have some fun.

all in all, alhamdulillah, i'm thankful that i have finished this foundation year and 4 years more to go through. ya allah, guide me to the right path to go through. Amin.

p/s: hope to get better :)

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