Friday, February 17, 2012

tranformasi diri...

assalamualaikum .to all.

one of my good friend told me,
'bila datang rasa ingin lakukan perubahan dalam diri ke arah yang lebih baik,
 maka teruskanlah walaupun satu perubahan yang kecil."
and, i started to thinking whether i am ready to do the transformation of myself. 
am i ready enough?
yes i am. 
but still,
i have to slowly make a move. 
a drastic changes sometimes will be worst. 

ya allah, guide me, help me and bless me in my way of changing my self to be a better person. 
i did so much mistakes in my life. 
but, please do not make my mistakes as a barrier for you to give me your guidance and bless. 

notabutterfly: mistakes is not an art. but still it has its own value whereby its may give a person such a valuable experience to us. so, don't afraid to make a mistake in order to learn something in life. (measwell,2012)

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