Thursday, February 16, 2012

alhamdulillah..DIA sayangkan aku.

assalamualaikum.. to all..

how's your day? beautiful isn't it? i wish my day is heavenly beautiful. aminn.. 

look  the title. guess whom still loving me.?
 and i am totally sure HE loves you guys too. 
So, who is HE? 
HE is our Almighty ALLAH. 


sometimes, we did something without realizing it is wrong and totally unrealized. 
do it happen to you?
YES, i do. 
and Allah had sent people to correct my mistakes. 

sometimes people doesn't like be corrected by others. 
but, i do love people who is critizing and reminding me about the mistakes that i have done. 
because, they such realizing me that i should not do this and that. 
we know ourselves. 
but people see what is wrong about ourselves. 
so, do accept others' word. 
 one of my good friend said, 
"Allah loves you, that's why people said so"

ya allah, i'm not a good servant. 
but, i'm on my way to be good and better servant of ISLAM. 

notabutterfly:  2 teguran yang menyedarkan kekhilafan diri. terima kasih untuk teguran itu. alhamdulillah.

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