Wednesday, June 22, 2011


today is the first day of Social Studies class for this 3rd semester. our topic is CONFLICT AND RESOLUTION. I thought it will become a bored class, but i'm totally wrong because our lecturer, Mdm Iswander managed to make it interesting. every each of us was asking to write down our personal conflict and the resolution whether it's already solve or not. hurmmm., i was thinking, 'Do i have any personal conflict?'....

at first, i would like to talk about speaking problem.. but then i was changed my conflict to something more interesting i thought.. it was very personal but i think i should share with everyone.

this is my personal conflict: conflict with my feeling towards a guy

Let's read my experience on this conflict..
i was having a relationship with a guy 7 months ago. frankly speaking, i'am really in love with him. to make it short, i was dumb by him after few months with him. just imagine how frustrated am i at that time. i was thinking why he did this to me. i keep asking my self.. WHY WHY WHY and WHY.. and finally i found the answer. and i totally confident with the answer.

by reading PEMILIK CINTAKU SETELAH ALLAH DAN RASUL i found the answers..
it's all about LOVE-BLESS-TIME..
why i said so?because i don't really find the true love from Allah and Rasulullah. what i'm doing before is just trying hard to get man's love.. next, i didn't get blessing from my parents and family. they told me to avoid this feelings and the relationship but i ignored them. and last but not least, it's all bout time.. i'm still studying, i'am still young, i'm still many things to be done before having this kind of relationship..
from this book too i realized that, men's love is not truly love compared to CINTA ALLAH DAN matter how and no matter what, do not put our full-hearted love 100% to men.. i learned a lot from my mistakes and i'm very thankful because it was happen now and not i'm not regret with those things. it is valuable experience to be shared with everybody. credit to ASHRATUL IZZATI for giving this book and i'm very appreciate this..

and as for me, i have found my resolution for this personal conflict. to somebody who has this kind of conflict, i would like to recommend you this book

thanks for reading...


Muhammad Hasif Shah said...

pemilik cintaku selepas Allah dan rasul :) ayat terbaik hehe :D

miss bella said...

try la baca buku tu.. you will find the answer for those questions if you have the same problem with me.. i'm just recommend it to the readers...for me, i totally have found the answer..