Saturday, March 26, 2011

mom's birthday celebration

25th March 2011(friday)

today is my mom's 52th birthday. i wanna go back but have class to be attended. i did not plan to go back .. so i just called my mom n wish her "SELAMAT HARI LAHIR MAK".. i pray for her happiness and i told her that i love her.. i cant hug and kiss her. just wish on phone call.

but then, i planned to go back. i want to give her a surprise. i called my sist and asked her favor. after class that afternoon, i asked abg fadil to fetch me here and straight bought a birthday cake.. we went to Italy Bakery and bought Cuppucino chocolate cake..

then, i got a plan to bring her to Malacca River Cruise. i told abg fadil and he agreed with my idea. great..

my parents were very surprise as they saw me. why?? of course laa bcoz i told them that i am might not be home this weekend as my schedule is very pack. but for my mom, i tended to be there to celebrate her birthday.

alhamdulillah, i got a chance to hug and kiss my mom on her birthday.. then i told my sist about my plan to bring my mom and ayah to MRC that night. she also agreed.

b4 dinner i asked my mom to change her cloth. mom just followed me. mom did not know about our plan yet. we had our dinner early. after dinner my sist and i started change and asked mom too.. we were going out but mom just followed us.

she smiled at us when we arrived at MCR.

this is for her birthday. i love you mom..we love you so much..

to my mom, i love you and i really hope that i will be given opportunity to give you happiness in life. for you ayah, i love you too....we love both of you..

lots of pictures can be seen here:

credit to abg fadil, akak, ayah and of course myself for this plan.. WE LOVE SURPRISE, right???

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