Sunday, March 27, 2011

kekasih kita sedang cemburu

25th March 2010
every friday morning we'll have a talk/takzirah.. the latest tazkirah that i remebered is about KEKASIH KITA SEDANG CEMBURU....but who is our LOVER?? WHO? WHO? WHO? is the lover is the guy who 'love' you? or is the lover is always SMS with you or phone call with you? think..think..think...we should know who is our lover.. i can hear a lot of answers when Kak Sara asked this.

Kekasih=ALLAH swt..

why she said kekasih kita sedang cemburu?
HE jealous when we love someone else more than we love HIM..
HE jealous when we think about some one else more than we think about HIM..
HE jealous when we keep calling some else name but seldom say and call HIS name..
HE jealous when we settle up other worlds than follow HIS rules and regulation in ISLAM

we as the followers should think about this. why we trying hard to get man's love than work hard to get Allah's love. HE loves us and that is why HE never neglected us. HE always be with us whenever we need HIM.

HOPEFULLY, I get his love first before i find man's love..

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